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Do I get the same value with the 50% Cyber Monday offer?

Yes, there's no difference between the Discount Card. It's just 50% off because of Black Friday now, so take your shot!

What can I do with the healthcare discount card?

After subscribing, you'll get
access to discounts from over 300 leading pharmacies, clinics, labs and
hospitals across Nigeria. If you have the Family card, your family members can also access the discounts after you add them to your subscription.

How does the Family card work?

With the Family card you can register up to 6 family members on your discount card. They will also be able to access the discounts at our
partner healthcare providers. This is particularly important for personalized healthcare services like medical tests, consultations, procedures and admissions.

What healthcare providers am I able to access with my discount card?

You have access to over 300 leading pharmacies, clinics, labs and hospitals across Nigeria. Click here to find out if your preferred provider is on that list! If not, let us know!

How does the healthcare provider know I get a discount?

By presenting your membership ID or
registered phone number to the participating healthcare providers they are able to verify your eligibility and offer you the discounts.

How much discount do I get?

The discounts vary per healthcare
provider from 6% to 37.5%. Kindly refer to detailed list of healthcare
providers and applicable discounts available here.

On what services do I get a discount?

When a healthcare provider is our
partner for the discount card - you can enjoy all of their services with the designated discount at that healthcare provider.

When can I start using my discount card?

After subscribing you'll receive
your membership identification number by email within 2 business days after which you can start to enjoy the discounts at participating healthcare providers.

What's the expiry date of my healthcare discount card?

Your discount card is valid for 12
months after you purchase it. After 12 months, you must renew your subscription.

Are there any age restrictions?

No There are no age restrictions to
benefit from the CarePay discount card. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to sign up however there is no maximum age limitation. An adult subscriber to the family discount card can add babies from day 1 of birth.